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New Website

Hello friends.  We have discontinued the use of this blog and have a new website.  Please continue to visit us and support our humanitarian work by going to

Thursday, June 5, 2014

El Salvador 2014 - Mission from the hEARt

Click the image above to view the newsletter of our 10th Annual Mission from the hEARt 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Donate to our Humanitarian Mission Fund

The USU Audiology department is going on their 10th Mission of the hEARt in 2014 where we will be visiting schools and other institutions to provide hearing testing, hearing aids, training and counseling to those who need it. Every year, our students pay out of pocket in order to make these trips happen. Fundraising efforts have been made and donations of any size are appreciated. Donations will also be used to purchase any necessary equipment (such as hearing aids for those in need).  Please donate either through PayPal or by use of our printable flyer in the sidebar to the right.  Thanks for your support to our

Mission from the hEARt!

Custom Ear Plugs & Earbud Adaptors - Fund Raiser

Hey Everyone! We're doing two custom ear fitting projects to raise money for our Humanitarian trip to El Salvador this May. If you or any of your friends are interested in some Custom Earphone Attachments or some Custom Fitting Ear Plugs (without filters) for a competitive price 

Custom Ear Plugs $65 (MSRP usually $100 or more plus shipping from major manufacturers)
Custom Earbud Adapters $65 with your personal earbuds (iPod or MP3) / bluetooth earpiece (MSRP usually $150 or more plus shipping f
rom major manufacturers)
Custom Earbud Adapters $80 with brand new Skullcandy Ink'd 2 earbuds from our clinic 

Call (435) 797-1374 today to set up an appointment in the USU Adult Hearing clinic!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Donate to our Humanitarian Mission Fund

The USU Audiology department is going on their 10th Mission of the hEARt in 2014 where we will be visiting schools and other institutions to provide hearing testing, hearing aids, training and counseling to those who need it. Every year, our students pay out of pocket in order to make these trips happen. Fundraising efforts have been made and donations of any size are appreciated. Donations will also be used to purchase any necessary equipment (such as hearing aids for those in need).  

Below is a flyer you can right click, save, and print to fill out for a donation, or promote our 

Mission from the hEARt

Thanks for your support!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

"Apadrine a un Nino Salvadoreño y brindele con $100.00 el regalo de la audición”

"Apadrine a un Nino Salvadoreño y brindele con $100.00 el regalo de la audicion”
Misión Humanitaria El Salvador 2014

¿Cuanto pueden hacer $100?

Este año nos embarcaremos en nuestra 10a. Misión del Corazon.  Este Mayo, nuestra Misión Humanitaria de Audición Anual nos llevara a El Salvador. Nuestra meta es adaptar a 100 niños con audífonos donados a través de la Academia de Estudiantes de Audiologia y a través de sus donaciones. Hemos tenido la suerte que podremos comprar con tan solo $100.00 un audífono.

Hagamos ahora un desglose de lo que este proyecto representara financieramente:

$100 por audífono = 1 audífono + 1 ano de baterías + 1 molde hecho a la medida. 
Si queremos que sea para ambos oídos = $200.00 x 100 Niños que queremos adaptar =  $20,000

Con su donación de $100, usted le puede brindar a un niño Salvadoreño de escasos recursos el regalo de la audición en un oído. Si es afortunado y tiene la capacidad de donar $200, pues les estaría regalando la habilidad completa de oír.  Esperamos alcanzar nuestra meta de $20,000 para Mayo.

Si no puede donar $100, pues esta bien!!! 

Unase con otras personas del trabajo, la iglesia, u otros miembros de la familia. Si cuatro de ustedes donan $25 cada uno, eso representa un audífono y baterías para un ano.  Si quiere donar solo usted, igualmente esta bien!! Cualquier cantidad que recojamos desde ahora hasta finales de Abril sera para darles el regalo de la audicion a Niños Salvadoreños de escasos recursos.

¿Como puedo DONAR? 

Si observa al lado derecho de este blog, hay un enlace para la cuenta PAY PAL que dice “ DONATE” (Siga las instrucciones, y por favor incluya un comentario: “El Salvador Mission Hearing Aids”). Si tiene dudas, o si quiere contactarnos, lo puede hacer al correo electronico:  Ejemplo: “DONE $100 para Hearing Aids El Salvador.”

Tambien tenemos un numero de Tax ID, si quiere que sea deducible de impuestos, solo escribanos al correo electronico, si necesita esta informacion. 

Si prefiere enviarnos cash o cheques.  Puede enviarlo por correo a:

Communications Disorders and Deaf Education
USU Student Academy of Audiology
1000 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-1000

Puede hacer los cheques a nombre de USU Student Academy of Audiology, e incluir un comentario en el memo que diga: “ El Salvador Mission Hearing Aids”

¡Muchas gracias por todo su apoyo!

Important Facts about El Salvador

“Just With $100.00 you can sponsor a Salvadorean Child to hear”
Humanitarian Mission El Salvador 2014

Important Facts about El Salvador:

  •             Is the smallest and most densely populated state on the mainland of the Americas, and the most industrialized in Central America. 
  •             However, poverty, civil war, natural disasters and their consequent dislocations define much of contemporary El Salvador.
  •       Hospitals and health facilities are not enough to meet demand and are lacking in the basic medicines, equipment and trained staff that they require. 
  •       In rural areas up to 90 per cent of people do not have access to clean drinking water and 70 per cent to any form of sanitation. 
  •       Severe malnutrition is also common. 
  •       Despite the provision of free education, 20 per cent of the population is illiterate. The few schools available are poorly equipped. Many children cannot attend school because it is too far away, or because they are needed by their parents to help with farm work in order to maintain the family income. 

How can families afford to buy a hearing aid when their child has been diagnosed with a hearing loss?, when there other priorities to worry about, such as hunger and poverty.  
With just $100.00 we can make a difference in these kids lives!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sponsor a Salvadorean Child

How far can $100 go?

This year we will be embarking on our 10th Mission from the hEARt. Our annual hearing humanitarian mission will take us to El Salvador this May. Our goal is to fit 100 children with hearing aids donated by USU's Student Academy of Audiology. We are lucky enough to be able to purchase one hearing aid for $100.

Let's break down how that will look financially:

$100 per hearing aid (includes 1 year of batteries) x 2 ears per child x 100 children = $20,000

With your sponsorship of $100 you can provide an child in need from El Salvador with the gift of hearing in one ear. If you are so fortunate enough to donate $200 you will have given them complete ability to hear. We hope to reach our goal of $20,000 by this May.

Can't donate $100? That's okay! Team up with people from work, church, or other family members. If four of you donate only $25 each, that's a hearing aid and a year's worth of batteries. Just want to donate by yourself? That's fine too! Any amount that we accumulate between now and the end of April will go to give the gift of hearing to Salvadorean children in need. 

How can I donate? If you look on the right-hand side of this blog there is a wonderful pay pal link that says "Donate." We also have a tax id number, just email us for that information. 
Prefer to send cash or check? Just mail it to:

USU Student Academy of Audiology - 
Communication Disorders and Deaf Education Department
1000 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-1000
ATTN: Heather Jensen

Please make checks out to USU or USU Student Academy of Audiology and include in the memo:  "El Salvador Mission Hearing Aids".

Thank you so much for your support! 

If you would like more information please feel free to contact Heather Jensen, AuD
(435) 797-1390

El Salvador 2014

General Objective:
  • To provide hearing testing, hearing aids, training and counseling to underprivileged children who need it.
  • To educate and raise awareness about the importance of early detection and intervention of hearing loss in children.

Specific Objectives:
  • Educate parents about early detection and intervention of hearing loss in newborns, infants and younger kids: early signs of hearing loss, finding resources for hearing testing (otoacoustic emissions), treatment options (hearing aids, cochlear implants), beliefs and attitudes toward hearing loss in Hispanic parents.
  • Educate teachers about detection and intervention of hearing loss in younger kids: signs of awareness for hearing loss, resources available and treatment options.
  • Educate general physicians and pediatricians about detection and intervention of hearing loss in younger kids.
  • Evaluate hearing in newborns, infants and younger kids by the use of Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE).
  • Provide treatment to identified hearing loss in pediatric patients: medications, surgery and fitting hearing aids.

Activities planned during our visit:
  • Educational activities to family doctors, teachers and parents: rural clinics, schools, community centers.
  • Hearing Screenings to pediatric population: rural clinics, schools, community centers.
  • Fitting Hearing Aids to candidates already identified (Our goal is to fit 100-150 children with hearing aids).
  • Surgery Program – organized by the ENT Dr. Juan Caballero and an ENT from Peak ENT (Utah): Hospital

Volunteers :  
  • AuD Students and Audiologists – Utah State University
  • Otolaryngologist, Audiologist, Audiometrists, Biomedical Engineers and Personal – Audiomed El Salvador.
  • Spanish Interpretation Services –

Sponsored by:
  • Utah State University (organizational support)
  • Donations (from people like you!) Donation information
  • Non Profit Organization "Tu Nino No Puede Esperar"
  • Centro Audiologico Medico. For more information about Centro Audiologico Medico click here.
  • Hearing Aid Manufacturers: donating hearing aids.

Resources provided in El Salvador:

AudioTec - Hearing Aid and Mold impression Lab: 
  • Juan Caballero: Biomedical Engineer - will develop the earmolds after impressions are made, and provide an calibration or technology assistance.

Centro Audiologico Medico – In charge of selecting the patients for hearing aid fitting and ear surgeries.

  • Dr. Juan Caballero (ENT): physician – Will donate his time for cerumen management, ear infection treatment, ear surgeries; selecting candidates for future cochlear implants. 

  • Dra. Beatriz de Caballero (Audiologist), physician - Has worked over the past years on the effort to have a hearing screening law for all newborns children in El Salvador. Dra. de Caballero will be helping with consultation needed, as well as the person selecting the patients that will be fitted with hearing aids (from different national centers).

  • Audiometrists: who are technicians trained in the Audiology field, that can help us in any other processes.  

Links to previous Humanitarian Missions in different countries:

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Valentine's Treat Trays

We're starting to get into a fundraising flurry for our mission to El Salvador this May. All Proceeds to Humanitarian Mission in El Salvador to provide hearing aids for children in need.

Treat trays are a great way to show someone that you appreciate them! They are great for coworkers, class mates, office staff, and your significant other.

Two Packages:

Basic treat tray: $10

Includes a variety of home-baked goodies bundled on a decorative platter. Goodies are a mixed variety, of candy, cake pops, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, etc.

Romance Package: $25

Includes a small treat tray, some chocolate covered fruit, a personalized card, a few flowers, a bottle of sparkling cider, and some balloons. Wrapped up to give to those who you appreciate!

 Treat trays will be available 2/14

Deliveries can be made on campus only. Pick-ups are available in the bottom floor of Lillywhite. Deliveries and pick-ups will be from 10 am – 4pm. Please return order forms and money to Shauna at the front desk of the Speech and Hearing Clinic, top floor of Lillywhite between 8am – 5pm. OR visit the right hand side of the page to order via PayPal. 

Money and orders due by 2/12.

Orders forms available in Lillywhite, as well as via email. Cash or check preferred, makes checks out to "USU Student Academy of Audiology," in the memo line include Valentine Treat Trays. Credit card can be used via our pay pal link, see the right side of the page for the pay-pal button.

Please make sure to include a name with each order! 
Please contact Steffi Rusk via: for more information. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

USU Run 4 Hearing 

Gather your glow-in-the-dark paint, glow sticks or other flashing items for the upcoming annual Run 4 Hearing 5K. We are gearing up to make this event awesome! And its all a good cause! Register soon to help raise money for the Utah State Audiology humanitarian missions and for children with hearing loss through the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund!!

This unique Glow-in -the-dark fun walk/run is for everyone of all ages! So dress up in your brightest costumesglow paintglow sticks and accessories and light up the night sky!  All 5K participants who register by September 15, 2013 will receive an awesome tech shirt.  Any registrations received after  September 15, 2013 will not be guaranteed a tech shirt, so be sure to register early!

Start Times:
7:00 p.m. - Packet Pick-up/On-site Registrations
7:45 p.m. - Entertainment and Activities
8:30 p.m. - 5K Glow-in-the-dark walk/run

Individual Price: $25 Online - By September 25, 2013
On-site Registrations: $30
Student Discount: $20 
​Team Registration: 10 members: $180