Monday, February 10, 2014

Sponsor a Salvadorean Child

How far can $100 go?

This year we will be embarking on our 10th Mission from the hEARt. Our annual hearing humanitarian mission will take us to El Salvador this May. Our goal is to fit 100 children with hearing aids donated by USU's Student Academy of Audiology. We are lucky enough to be able to purchase one hearing aid for $100.

Let's break down how that will look financially:

$100 per hearing aid (includes 1 year of batteries) x 2 ears per child x 100 children = $20,000

With your sponsorship of $100 you can provide an child in need from El Salvador with the gift of hearing in one ear. If you are so fortunate enough to donate $200 you will have given them complete ability to hear. We hope to reach our goal of $20,000 by this May.

Can't donate $100? That's okay! Team up with people from work, church, or other family members. If four of you donate only $25 each, that's a hearing aid and a year's worth of batteries. Just want to donate by yourself? That's fine too! Any amount that we accumulate between now and the end of April will go to give the gift of hearing to Salvadorean children in need. 

How can I donate? If you look on the right-hand side of this blog there is a wonderful pay pal link that says "Donate." We also have a tax id number, just email us for that information. 
Prefer to send cash or check? Just mail it to:

USU Student Academy of Audiology - 
Communication Disorders and Deaf Education Department
1000 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-1000
ATTN: Heather Jensen

Please make checks out to USU or USU Student Academy of Audiology and include in the memo:  "El Salvador Mission Hearing Aids".

Thank you so much for your support! 

If you would like more information please feel free to contact Heather Jensen, AuD
(435) 797-1390

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